The Taleo Talent Exchange is a candidate talent community from around the world connected through the Taleo talent network. Millions of candidates can easily share their Universal Profiles (UP) with prospective employers. Thousands of employers can invite millions of candidates to join Talent Exchange and can publish and promote millions of new jobs posted on Taleo.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Talent Exchange March 2010 Release

We will be releasing a Talent Exchange release every month. Our March 2010 release will be released into the Talent Exchange Staging and Production environments Thursday, April 1st at 10:00 p.m. EST. The release will not require any downtime so there will not be any interruption to our employers and job seekers.
We have added the following key enhancements to the product:

• Candidate Job email Alerts - Provides the Candidate with the ability to receive daily job recommendation emails.

• Candidate Sends a Posted Job to a Friend - From the Talent Exchange Candidates can share posted jobs with any friend or colleague via email, or via 263 other social networking sites(i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc.).

• Candidate Views LinkedIn Connections - From the Talent Exchange Candidates can view LinkedIn contacts that are working at the company who posted the job.

We spent the majority of this release working with or Smalll to Medium size employers to ensure they are able to utilize the Talent Exchange product directly from their employer career site. We plan on releasing all of this functionality in our April 2010 release. Once this is released it will provide our job seekers with even more exposure to employers.