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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Take Advantage of Increasing Hire Rates!

February and March are always a busy time for recruiters as hiring budgets are approved and companies are spending on new resources. This means now is the perfect time to start exploring the job market. In addition to budgets being approved, we see a strong trend that hiring overall is improving:
  • So far in 2011, open jobs on the Talent Exchange increased by 26% across our largest employers compared to February of last year.
  • The Simply Hired December 2010 job trends report shows a huge improvement. Despite a slight month-over-month decline, the market remained improved from last year, up 69.4 percent.
  • The Monster Employment Index shows a positive annual growth rate, with SVP and Chief Knowledge Officer, Jesse Harriott, stating, "The Monster Employment Index has recorded a stable annual growth rate for three consecutive months, underscoring a trend of moderate labor market improvement."

So now is the time to start working on that job search. Start by updating your Universal Profile / Resume on the Talent Exchange. Then access our job marketplace and see if there are any interesting positions and remember to create a job alert, let us find a job for you. We have over 2 million jobs on Talent Exchange today.
Employers have started to spend again and focus on growing their organization. Take advantage of this and be proactive in your job search. I think 2011 is going to be a year with great opportunities for you.