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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Job-seekers more upbeat about 2011

More than a year is how long nearly 48 percent of unemployed workers responding to a Challenger, Gray & Christmas’ survey last week have been out of work.

But job-seekers revealed more optimism about finding jobs compared to a year earlier. Roughly 18 percent believe they will find a job in the next one to three months, up from 12 percent. Only 4 percent think it will take another year or longer, down from nearly 16 percent. But the general feeling among callers was uncertainty.

The survey was from a sampling of callers to the firm’s annual job-search advice call-in last week.
The firm notes among better news for job-seekers is that planned job cuts have slowed to the lowest levels since 2000, private-sector employment has grown 11 straight months, and companies are sitting on mountains of cash saved through two years of cost-cutting that could be used for hiring.

Francine Knowles - Chicago Sun