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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Industries Expected to Grow in 2011

As the New Year approaches, many people think of ways to step up their career – either by getting promoted in their current field or trying out a new one. The current economy has caused great changes in the job market, which has made new opportunities available. While many current industries have decreased by size or demand, others have continued to grow. If you are considering a career change, check out these industries expected to grow in 2011.

With or without a recession, the healthcare jobs continue to thrive. Medical care is continually in need for the public, and is especially in demand now with the nation’s aging baby boomer generation. Plus, because this field consists almost entirely of hands-on work with patients, few healthcare jobs can be outsourced.
Healthcare jobs include:

Registered Nurse
Physical Therapist
Dental Hygienist

In an effort to create more sustainable and eco-friendly power and technology, green jobs are expected to grow in the upcoming years. Analysts report that Americans are looking for alternative energy sources such as solar, geothermal and hydropower, and construction is needed to build “green” buildings. Many of these jobs are not only standing positions being filled, but newly created jobs.
Green jobs include:

Solar Project Manager
Environmental Engineering Technician
Water Treatment Specialist
Waste Management
Clean Energy Program

Business jobs continue to offer steady employment, and the hard-hit financial sector is showing signs of recovery. As businesses grow, so does the need for employee onboarding and development, as well as management of finances within companies.
Business jobs include:

Human Resources Manager
Personal Financial Advisor
Investment Banker
Business Analyst

Manufacturing jobs took a hard hit in employment during the recession. As consumers regain confidence in the market, they are becoming more apt to buy. Manufacturing companies need to hire employees to produce and build the products that consumers want to purchase.
Manufacturing jobs include:

Machine Operator
Automobile Manufacturing
Quality Assurance Technician
Food Processor

The world is beginning to rely more on technology in business and for everyday activities, so demand increases for people who create it. From software to web pages and business networks, people in technology jobs are needed to not only upkeep the current technology, but create new technology as well.
Technology jobs include:

Software Developer
Network Architect
System Administrator
IT Support Specialist
Web Designer

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