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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Receive an A+

Don't you just love standardized tests? My kids are currently going through the state comprehensive assessment test. Five days of testing in mathematics, reading, science and writing. I sometimes miss the good old days as a child; no responsibilities, school buddies and long summer days. However, I do not miss these standardized tests.

Well, as adults we also have to take standardized tests, referred to as assessments, when searching for jobs.

The use of assessments to effectively evaluate people is a strategic priority for many organizations. Industry analysts have published that 47% of Best in Class organizations use assessment to support talent management decisions, pre-hire and post-hire.

You may be interested in understanding how assessments are used to determine job fit. The test evaluates your skills, knowledge and behavioral attributes and matches them to requirements of the job and culture of the company. The test should give you a realistic preview of the job expectations.

How do you perform better on the assessment tests? The most common assessment tests are the cognitive and behavioral competency-based tests:

Cognitive Ability or Hard Skills Testing - Any increase in ability in skill or subject matter that is required for the job would help you perform better on the assessment. A good rule would be that if you know a certain skill is required for the job and cited in the requisition, you may want to ensure that your skill level is up to par by studying this topic prior to taking the test. The assessment is an open book test , so have resources in front of you when you take these online tests.

Behavioral competency-based assessment - There is no real way to perform better on this test since it is looking at behavior or personality-related attributes like customer service orientation, teamwork or integrity. Take your time, answer honestly and to the best of your ability.

I hope you ace your next test.

Best Wishes,

Doug Smith
Director of Product Management, Talent Exchange