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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vice President of Job Search

You need to treat your job search like a job. The people that work hard at finding a job normally find a job over those individuals that are more nonchalant about their job search. You owe it to yourself, become the Vice President of your job search and take control of your career.

Continue with your Regular Work Habits

Organize your day with job search activities, get up in the morning, get dressed and start your day early with purpose. Continue with your regular work habits, these have made you productive in the past. Set your job search work hours so you define when you will be committed to your job search and define when you will be off the clock. Spending tons of time working and worrying about your job search can become counterproductive, so make sure you have the down time.

Create a Workspace

Most of us will be performing the job search process out of our home. Make sure you create a home office atmosphere that is similar to your work. Do not do your job search in front of the TV or in the kitchen. Create a work atmosphere that will allow you to be focused on the task at hand: Finding a job.

Create Goals

Employers set goals for their employees to ensure everyone is productive and driving toward the same thing. You are now accountable to yourself for what you would like to accomplish in a day. Your ultimate goal is to land your dream job. Break that up into meaningful smaller goals and put a timeline on it. For example, today I am going to get my resume reviewed, contact 5 individuals in my network and find a contact at my top 3 target companies.

Work hard at your job search, it will pay off great dividends.

Best Wishes,

Doug Smith
Director of Product Management, Talent Exchange