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Monday, July 18, 2011

Early Career Advice

I thought I would keep my message simple this week by talking about a kids picture book that I picked up this weekend for my nephew. "How to Get a Job By Me, The Boss" is advice from a pig-tailed, grade-schooler who favors pleated skirts and striped leggings.

A few of my favorite quotes from the book:

  • Comments on career path, "Your future career must be something you do well or nobody will want you to do it for them. Also, be realistic some people want to grow up to be a Penguin, but that is just silly. Careers to consider would be someone who drives a big red car, cowboy, explorer and a super-ballerina-soccer-mermaid-fairy-princess." She has chosen the later.
  • She also offers some advice on resume reviews and interview techniques. Don't bring your gerbil with you to an interview. Unless you are applying for a position as a horrible monster you should not write, "Give me the job or I'll eat you", on the top of your resume.
  • "Some jobs are very BIG. Like President of the World. Some jobs are very small, like a Balloon holder. Sometimes your balloon can pop, and then you are unemployed, which means now you don't have a job. Here is what isn't a job: Sitting in your chair eating cookies."
I hope you appreciate this whimsical upbeat advice, there are some basic truths in her statements.